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A Beautiful Pain

13 Dec

I’m proud to announce that after over 2 years of submitting over a dozen songs to the NSAI (Nashville Songwriters Association) in an attempt to better my songwriting craft, I have gotten my first song recommended for the quarterly publisher luncheon!

The song is called “A Beautiful Pain” which I wrote with Danny Harjo who lives in Lakeville Minnesota. Danny and I wrote via skype. I met Danny at a Barbara Cloyd workshop in Nashville in June 2010, but didn’t really start communicating with him until I commented on a facebook post about his daughters in September 2011.  After sending a few messages back and forth discussing his two teenage daughters and my daughter who had just turned one, I pitched him the hook of “A Beautiful Pain”. I explained that I wanted to write a song about watching our kids grow up and how we are so happy with each milestone, but sad to see them growing up so fast. I used the example of my daughter walking and talking and he talked about his 16 year old daughter getting her drivers permit and how hard it is to let her go out on her own.

After our 1st our skype we had virtually written both verses of “A Beautiful Pain”. A few emails back and forth and another hour skype and we had written a beautiful coming of age song that takes you from watching your daughter take her first steps to driving, dating and eventually to getting married in the bridge.

My personal favorite line in the song is “I see my baby girl standing there in you shadows” which Danny wrote in the bridge of the song. I think this line is the strongest line and will really resonate with many fathers.

Let us know what you think about our new song “A Beautiful Pain” You can listen to an acoustic version on my music facebook page at or on my main website at

Thanks for your support. I’ll be posting more about my songwriting adventure to keep you updated on every little success along the way.