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#1 Country Song for January 21, 2012

14 Jan

2012 starts off with lots of newcomers in country music racing to the tops of the charts. David Nail is perhaps one of my favorite newcomers and has scored his very first #1 song this week with “Let It Rain”. Nail wrote this song with Jonathan Singleton who also co-wrote Nail’s 2009 top 10 “Red Light” with Nail.

Singleton said about writing “Let It Rain”, “we came up with the idea for the song while talking about movies that we enjoyed. We recalled a movie where “this guy cheats on his girlfriend, and he goes to her house and decides he’s going to sit on her porch until she lets him in.” We did not find the situation plausible and if it was a southern girl or [David’s wife] or my wife, the first thing they’d do is throw all our stuff on the porch with us.” Instead of having the male narrator say “I deserve whatever I get, if she never talks to me again”, Nail decided to have the character say “that I’m human just like everyone else and you mess up”. (Source Wikipedia)

I love the imagery in this song of him sitting out on the porch with all his belongings. Nail does a great job portraying the character’s emotion in this situation. His soulful voice brings out the guilt that he feels as he longs for her forgiveness. I think my favorite line is the tag at the very end of the song: “Every word, let it hurt, even more than I deserve; just let it come down on me,
let it come down on me; let it rain” , where he admits that he was wrong in cheating on her and knows he’s going to get what he deserves.

In my opinion, we are going to see lots of David Nail in 2012. He kicked this year off with a great song and his first #1 of his career. Let’s hear what you think about “Let It Rain”