About Dusty

Dusty Duhon’s passion for country music began when he was a teenager growing up in a small town in Louisiana. While he was exposed to a variety of musical genres, a Tim McGraw concert at age 14 inspired him to pursue a career in country music. Shortly after that performance, Dusty picked up an acoustic guitar and began to intently listen to popular artists at the time such as George Strait, Alan Jackson and Garth Brooks.

Playing their music inspired Dusty to compose his own music. Within a year, Dusty wrote his first original song, “Thinking About You.” In early 2000, Dusty auditioned for Star Search in Lafayette, Louisiana. His appearance generated a lot of publicity, including a newspaper article for the Abbeville Meridional. Shortly after, Dusty appeared on the Beaumont-based “Charlie Pruitt Show.”

Dusty first hit the music studio in 2002, when he joined forces with another songwriter to produce his first demo CD “Frozen in the Moment.” An acoustic CD created in a home studio followed in 2006. Dusty finished recording his first professional demo of “Doing the Best I Can” with Jack Saunders and White Cat Productions in November 2008 and hopes to promote it across Texas and Nashville thoughout 2009.

In addition to writing songs and creating CDs, Dusty loves to perform for a live audience.
One of Dusty’s dream gigs happened in January 2003. While on a trip to Nashville, Dusty performed at an Open Mic night at the legendary Blue Bird Café. You may have also seen him play at several venues in Houston, including Bohemeo’s, Live Sports Bar, Ken’s Club and Potbelly’s.

Dusty is a member of the Louisiana Songwriters Association, the Houston Songwriters Association and the Houston Association of Acoustic Musicians (HAAM).

Dusty and his wife Stephanie have lived in the Houston area since July 2005. He is a Certified Public Accountant who does SEC reporting for an energy company in Southwest Houston.


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