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#1 Country Song for January 21, 2012

14 Jan

2012 starts off with lots of newcomers in country music racing to the tops of the charts. David Nail is perhaps one of my favorite newcomers and has scored his very first #1 song this week with “Let It Rain”. Nail wrote this song with Jonathan Singleton who also co-wrote Nail’s 2009 top 10 “Red Light” with Nail.

Singleton said about writing “Let It Rain”, “we came up with the idea for the song while talking about movies that we enjoyed. We recalled a movie where “this guy cheats on his girlfriend, and he goes to her house and decides he’s going to sit on her porch until she lets him in.” We did not find the situation plausible and if it was a southern girl or [David’s wife] or my wife, the first thing they’d do is throw all our stuff on the porch with us.” Instead of having the male narrator say “I deserve whatever I get, if she never talks to me again”, Nail decided to have the character say “that I’m human just like everyone else and you mess up”. (Source Wikipedia)

I love the imagery in this song of him sitting out on the porch with all his belongings. Nail does a great job portraying the character’s emotion in this situation. His soulful voice brings out the guilt that he feels as he longs for her forgiveness. I think my favorite line is the tag at the very end of the song: “Every word, let it hurt, even more than I deserve; just let it come down on me,
let it come down on me; let it rain” , where he admits that he was wrong in cheating on her and knows he’s going to get what he deserves.

In my opinion, we are going to see lots of David Nail in 2012. He kicked this year off with a great song and his first #1 of his career. Let’s hear what you think about “Let It Rain”

#1 Country Song for December 3, 2011

28 Nov

Brantley Gilbert may seem like a new face to country music, but throughout 2011, Brantley had a few huge successes as a songwriter.  Brantley and rapper Colt Ford shared writing credits on Jason Aldean’s #1 song “Dirt Road Anthem” in July 2011. Jason Aldean also covered Brantley’s “My Kind of Party”  which peaked at #2 on the billboard charts in January 2011.

But this week, Brantley is celebrating his first #1 song of his own on the Billboard charts, “Country Must Be Country Wide” which was written by Brantley, along with Colt Ford and Mike Dekle. With a southern rock feel, Brantley sings about an encounter with a country boy in Ohio and discovers that country music is not just popular in the south. He brings in country artist such as Cash, Hank, Willie, and Walyon as he states that in every state these classic artist are still heard on the radio.

I love how he describes country life all across the US when he says ” It ain’t where, it’s how you live We weren’t raised to take, we were raised to give the shirt off our back to anyone in need” It’s amazing how simple these lyrics are along with a simple yet infectious melody. The southern lyrics along with the southern rock feel brings you back to such songs classics as Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Sweet Home Alabama.

What do you think about Brantley Gilbert. Will he be a future super star of country music?

#1 Country Billboard Song for September 10

16 Sep

Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood are no strangers to the number one country spot, but this week they achieved it together with a powerful duet, “Remind Me” which was written by Brad along with Chris Dubios and Kelly Lovelace. The premises of this power ballad is a married couple who has forgotten what it was like to be in a brand new relationship. What I love the most about this song is how they go back and forth with the hook “Remind Me” as Brad and Carrie bring up things that they have forgotten along the way in their relationship such as “the way I used to kiss your neck” and “kissing goodbye and we couldn’t stop.”

The interesting thing about the structure of this song is there really is no chorus. The only part that somewhat resembles a chorus is the line “So on fire and so in love”, but each time it’s repeated it ends with a different phrase. I think the driving force is the repetition of the hook “Remind Me” after each phrase. One thing that I do like though is in the first part, Brad is singing the main lines and Carrie is singing the “Remind Me” parts and then in the second part it’s reversed with Carrie singing the main lines and Brad singing the “Remind Me” parts.

I actually read in Country Weekly that Brad wrote the song with Carrie in mind  as they had been talking about doing a duet and couldn’t get their schedules together. The song made Brad’s “This is Country Music” album at the very last minute before he submitted the project to his label.  I think this is a very well written country ballad, but I find  it very comparable to the duet “Don’t You Wanna Stay” sung by Jason Aldean and Kelly Clarkson and I’m not sure it stands up to the 3 week number one smash hit. What do you think?