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#1 Country Billboard Song for September 10

16 Sep

Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood are no strangers to the number one country spot, but this week they achieved it together with a powerful duet, “Remind Me” which was written by Brad along with Chris Dubios and Kelly Lovelace. The premises of this power ballad is a married couple who has forgotten what it was like to be in a brand new relationship. What I love the most about this song is how they go back and forth with the hook “Remind Me” as Brad and Carrie bring up things that they have forgotten along the way in their relationship such as “the way I used to kiss your neck” and “kissing goodbye and we couldn’t stop.”

The interesting thing about the structure of this song is there really is no chorus. The only part that somewhat resembles a chorus is the line “So on fire and so in love”, but each time it’s repeated it ends with a different phrase. I think the driving force is the repetition of the hook “Remind Me” after each phrase. One thing that I do like though is in the first part, Brad is singing the main lines and Carrie is singing the “Remind Me” parts and then in the second part it’s reversed with Carrie singing the main lines and Brad singing the “Remind Me” parts.

I actually read in Country Weekly that Brad wrote the song with Carrie in mind  as they had been talking about doing a duet and couldn’t get their schedules together. The song made Brad’s “This is Country Music” album at the very last minute before he submitted the project to his label.  I think this is a very well written country ballad, but I find  it very comparable to the duet “Don’t You Wanna Stay” sung by Jason Aldean and Kelly Clarkson and I’m not sure it stands up to the 3 week number one smash hit. What do you think?


American Idol goes County!

31 May

Scotty McCreery battled Lauren Alaina in the top 2 to become the second Country Artist to win American Idol. If you remember, back in 2005, Carrie Underwood took the  title after going up against Bo Bice and went on to become one of the best selling artist not only in country, but also in pop music. Will Scotty have the same longevity that Carrie has had? With his deep voice, he brings back the sounds of Randy Travis and Johnny Cash to country music. But, I believe Scotty is most comparable to Josh Turner, who has been very successful in the country genre over the last few years with songs such as “Your Man” and “Why Don’t We Just Dance.”

From  Scotty’s very first audition, the judges of American Idol knew there would be something special about this then 16-year-old. Judge Jennifer Lopez said “You made me smile” after his first a cappella performance of “Your Man.” Throughout the competition, Scotty sang a variety of country from classics like “Swinging” and “Always on My Mind” to brand new country like “Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not.” He rocked every performance with his deep soulful voice, but is he versatile enough to be a million selling artist like Carrie Underwood?

During Carrie’s performances on Idol back in 2005, she showed her versatility by doing a very wide range of songs from rocking out Pat Benatar’s “Love is a Battlefield” and Hearts’ “Alone, ” and putting all her emotion into songs such as “Independence Day” and “Piece of My Heart” She did her initial audition with “Could’ve Been” by Tiffany. So as you can see, even though Country is Carrie’s genre and where she feels comfortable, she really stretched her skills to prove to America that she could sing anything and make you believe it. You can still see this versatility in Carrie’s career today as she goes from singing the soft and emotional “Jesus Take the Wheel” to the angry “Before He Cheats” or “Temporary Home” to “Undo It.” Will we be able to say the same for Scotty McCreery?

Scotty’s first single, which he performed at the finale, will be “I Love You This Big.” Keep an eye out for it on your local country radio stations as we watch what Scotty will do.

Nashville 2011

22 Apr

I just recently returned from a week long trip to Nashville to pitch some music and hang out in Music City. Overall I had a very productive week, getting some great feedback on my songs as well as meeting some future co-writers while hanging out with some great songwriter friends from Houston. I spent most of the days pitching music and the nights at hit songwriter’s shows presented by Tin Pan South with new and old friends.

Meeting Allen Shamblin in Nashville, April 2011

I can’t even begin the explain the experience I had with Tin Pan South. I saw so many great hit writers up close and personal. My mind was overflowing with inspiration just listening to each of their unique stories. My favorite show was one of the first nights at the Hard Rock Cafe on Broadway. It included Phil Vasser, Carolyn Dawn Johnson, Brett James and  Josh Kear. You may have heard of Phil Vasser and Carolyn Dawn Johnson, but many of you may not know Brett James and Josh Kear. Brett James wrote many of Carrie Underwood’s songs, including “Jesus Take the Wheel” and “Cowboy Casanova.” Josh Kear has many hits, but most people know him now as the writer of Lady Antebellum’s huge smash “Need You Now.” Josh also wrote “Before He Cheats” for Carrie Underwood.

That night was the highlight of my Tin Pan South experience, but other great writers that I saw that week were Tom Douglas and Allen Shamblin, who wrote “The House that Built Me.” I actually saw each writer seperate and both put on a great show, including their performance of Miranda Lambert’s huge hit. What was interesting is Tom Douglas actually played it on the keyboard, while Allen Shamblin played it on the guitar.

New and old friends in Nashville, April 2011

I could go on and on about the Tin Pan South shows, but the main reason I was in Nashville was to get feedback on my own music. I set up appointments with representatives at NSAI and ASCAP as well as with a producer in Brentwood that  a friend recommended. All of them gave me great feedback and said I was on the right track. I had three songs that I was pitching. The first is a brand new song called “Red Eye,” which I wrote with Jon D’Agostino from New York and Jason Eustice from Louisville, Kentucky. Jason did a guitar vocal of it and I got really good compliments on his presentation of the song.  The second song I pitched is a song I wrote last year with Beth Kille from Wisconsin. Beth lived here in Houston for a while, which is where we met, but didn’t start writing until she moved back to Wisconsin. Now we co-write via Skype. The final song I pitched is called “Doing the Best I Can,” which was inspired by my cousin going to Afghanistan. All three songs got great reviews. Now it’s just a matter of being in the right place at the right time and of course continuing to write great songs!

I love Nashville and the musical vibe that surrounds the city and hope to make it back soon.