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American Idol goes County!

31 May

Scotty McCreery battled Lauren Alaina in the top 2 to become the second Country Artist to win American Idol. If you remember, back in 2005, Carrie Underwood took the  title after going up against Bo Bice and went on to become one of the best selling artist not only in country, but also in pop music. Will Scotty have the same longevity that Carrie has had? With his deep voice, he brings back the sounds of Randy Travis and Johnny Cash to country music. But, I believe Scotty is most comparable to Josh Turner, who has been very successful in the country genre over the last few years with songs such as “Your Man” and “Why Don’t We Just Dance.”

From  Scotty’s very first audition, the judges of American Idol knew there would be something special about this then 16-year-old. Judge Jennifer Lopez said “You made me smile” after his first a cappella performance of “Your Man.” Throughout the competition, Scotty sang a variety of country from classics like “Swinging” and “Always on My Mind” to brand new country like “Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not.” He rocked every performance with his deep soulful voice, but is he versatile enough to be a million selling artist like Carrie Underwood?

During Carrie’s performances on Idol back in 2005, she showed her versatility by doing a very wide range of songs from rocking out Pat Benatar’s “Love is a Battlefield” and Hearts’ “Alone, ” and putting all her emotion into songs such as “Independence Day” and “Piece of My Heart” She did her initial audition with “Could’ve Been” by Tiffany. So as you can see, even though Country is Carrie’s genre and where she feels comfortable, she really stretched her skills to prove to America that she could sing anything and make you believe it. You can still see this versatility in Carrie’s career today as she goes from singing the soft and emotional “Jesus Take the Wheel” to the angry “Before He Cheats” or “Temporary Home” to “Undo It.” Will we be able to say the same for Scotty McCreery?

Scotty’s first single, which he performed at the finale, will be “I Love You This Big.” Keep an eye out for it on your local country radio stations as we watch what Scotty will do.