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#1 Country Billboard Song for August 6, 2011

28 Jul

Chris Young slid  into the #1 slot this week with his new single “Tomorrow.” The song was written by Chris Young, Frank J. Myers, and Anthony L. Smith and is a traditional sounding country song with a slight contemporary feel. Chris Young has become a staple in the new sound of Country music over the past few years. With his strong deep voice, Chris brings something new to the genre while keeping the familiar country sound many fans have always loved. “Tomorrow” is the first #1 from his new CD, “Neon.” It follows the success of his debut CD, “The Man I Want to Be,” which produced 3 consecutive #1’s.

“Tomorrow’s” lyrics are very clever with lines such as “Tomorrow I’m gonna leave here…..but tonight I’m gonna love you like there’s no tomorrow” as he sings about a relationship that he thinks is not working out, but wants to give one more try before calling it quits. He talks about how they aren’t good for each other using unique phrases such as “We’re like fire and gasoline” as well as really bringing the point home with a simple two line bridge “Baby when we’re good, you know we’re great, but there’s too much bad for us to think, that there’s anything worth trying to save.”

Personally, Chris Young has become one of my favorites ever since he hit country radio in 2009 with “Getting You Home.” But the road to fame for Chris began in 2006, when he was declared the winner of Nashville Star. He released two singles that same year, but both barely got into the top 50. His third single, “Voices” in 2008, peaked at #37. But in 2009, he found his place in country music with #1’s such as “Getting you Home” and “The Man I Want to Be” and re-released “Voices,” which made it up the charts to #1 that time around. “Tomorrow” makes my list of songs to download. Does it make yours?