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#1 Country Billboard Song for September 3, 2011

31 Aug

Dierks Bentley returns to the top of the country charts this week after venturing back to his roots with a bluegrass album entitled “Up on the Ridge.” His bluegrass project yielded two singles, “Up on the Ridge” which peaked at #21 and “Draw Me a Map” which peaked at #33 so it’s nice to see Dierks back at the top of country radio with the fun upbeat song “Am I the Only One.” Bentley quotes ” I wanted to come back with a song that was fun for fans and fun for country radio and fun for us to play every night.” (Wikipedia)

Although “Am I the Only One” doesn’t have much lyrical content to it, it is a fun party song and portrays exactly who Bentley is in his live shows. The song is simply about a guy who wants to go out and party on a Friday night, but none of his buddies are willing to go out with him. The catchy melody sucks you in as Bentley asks  “Am I the only one who wants to have fun tonight?” My favorite line is “If I have to raise hell all by myself I will, but ya’ll that ain’t right”

What do you think about Dierks’ return to the country music charts? Does “Am the Only One” match up with his list of  top 10 songs which include “What was I thinkin'”, “How am I doin'” and “Sideways?”